FAQ eCheck-In

Questions on eCheck-In? We got you covered!

What are the benefits of using eCheck-In?

  • Complete paperwork, upload your insurance information and pay your copay/balances from your phone or smart device
  • Notify the clinic you have arrived the day of your appointment from your phone or smart device

How do I begin eCheck-In?

  • Click the link in your appointment reminder SMS message
  • Confirm your appointment by clicking “Yes, I’ll Be There”
  • On the next page click “Begin CHECK-IN” and follow the Check-In process

How do I Check-In for my appointment?

  • Through the Healow app, Patient Portal, healow.com or via SMS text messages from our practice
    • Healow app: In the appointment reminder message, tap the “Check-In” button, then follow the Check-In process
    • Patient Portal: From the Patient Portal Dashboard > on the Messages tile, tap the “CHECK-IN” button, then follow the Check-In process
    • Healow.com: On the healow.com homepage, under the My Health Records > Messages, or Appointments tabs > click the “CHECK-IN” button, then follow the Check-In process
    • Text messages: Click on link in text message, then follow the Check-In process

What happens if I don’t finish eCheck-In?

  • The progress you make will automatically be uploaded to your records. You may pick up where you left off by following the link in your text messages, or in person once you arrive at the clinic

*** you will not be able to utilize the “Arrive” feature without finishing your “Check-In” ***

Can I cancel or reschedule my appointment via eCheck-In?

  • Yes! Click the “Reschedule/Cancel Appointment” button from the link in the SMS reminder text.

If you need additional assistance with your eCheck-In email us at portalhelp@entsc.com.